Giacomorelli – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Anyone who knows me will understand what I mean when I say that my favorite item of clothing is underwear, but I take this opportunity to announce to you that Giacomo Morelli of has officially converted me into a footwear fanatic.

I first discovered the 24yrs old Italian designer through an associate, who was fortunate enough to possess a pair of Giacomo’s leopard print loafers. So, jealous friend that I was, I immediately went online and placed an order for my very own pair.

After leaving high school Giacomo Morelli left his small town to study amongst other things industrial design at the Marangoni School of Fashion in Milan. It is during this period that he explored his ideas and developed his distinctive style.

He graduated in 2009 and soon held his first show in Paris, after which he gained invaluable experience from collaborating with world known designers and fashion marquees. By the close of 2009 Giacomo Morelli had decided to embark on his own footwear brand. His distinctive style is marked by audacious use of striking fabric and pelts (skins) festooned with studs and inserts to create truly remarkable and timeless handmade shoes.

But since Giacomo produces his beautiful creations in limited quantities of 100 pairs at most for each kind of shoe, you will be hard pressed to find yourself a pair. So here’s some footwear eye candy to titillate your fashion taste buds.

Live the Life
Le Marquis des Excellences

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