AZATURE – Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Jewellery

AZATURE: The Black Diamond King

AZATURE: The Black Diamond King

It is my pleasure to present to you the Black Diamond Kind, Azature.

Azature – and yes, that is his actual name – is trully one of a kind among couture jewellery designers. His design approach is a beautiful, dark, twisted jewellery fantacy. He specializes is black diamond sparklers, objets d’art that have captured the fascination of pop icons the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga.

The jewellery immidiately strikes you as informed by the mythology of ancient cultures and relics. I refer here to the likes of Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. The pieces are expressive, chunky and skillfull set.

I only have two words to say: ‘I want!” I have not yet commissioned a peice but the Black Diamond King can safely expect a call very soon.

Here’s to the Dark Side of couture jewellry!

Live the Life
Le Marquis des Excellences

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