Kondrad Parol Spring/Summer 2011

The Matrix meets Dune in Konrad Parol Spring/Summer Collection 2011 and here at The Luxury Lifestyle Guide International we absolutely love it!

We are lost for words to best describe this collection but we can say that men can expect to be as equally comfortable as welldressed. The garments are suitable for almost everyone, though it must be said that they are not for everyone. For the simple reason that it really takes a certain category of man – young (or young at heart), cosmopolitan and with a certain air of avant garde – to do justice to the outfits.

Parrol clearly meant his garments to be the kind for easy-going days, the kind to explore the city or lounge with friends with a sundowner in hand. Some of the pants and shorts are comfortably formfitting whilst at the same time other have been designed with a Far East (a.k.a. Neo in The Matrix) approach and are volumous and airy. And homage is paid to Dune with the hooted t-shirts, hoodies and mantles.

Spring and Summer looks laidback chic this year with Konrad Parol.

Kondrad Parol Spring/Summer 2011

Kondrad Parol Spring/Summer 2011

Live the Life
Le Marquis des Excellences

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