Hugo Boss Menswear Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012

Hugo Boss Menswear Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012

Hugo Boss Menswear Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012

The Hugo Boss Menswear Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012 is…well…Hugo Boss.

I am honestly trying hard to find something good to say about their collection. For the simple reason that, essentially, the collection is neither good nor bad: it is merely typical Hugo Boss: redundant and boring. This is not to say that the garments are terrible.

The problem, I believe, with such prominent international brands the likes of Hugo Boss is that, due to their distinctive DNA and the expectation of the part of their clients, they have become prisoners of their own success. It would appear that at Hugo Boss they consider the risk too high, too costly to take creative risks whilst yet retaining the their quintessential identify.

The design team at Boss do not seem to have received the memo that men the world over take greater creative risks with their wardrobe now than in the ’90s. The Wall Street yuppie of our present dispensation is no longer simply the starched-shirt-and-dark-suit breed of American Psycho fame. We, men, have now discovered color, and ‘exotic’ fabrics, and so-called 21st Century raw sexuality. Gone is the unaffected, stencil-drawn stoic.

Really, Hugo Boss, it’s time to shake things up – and not modestly. We expect it! No wait, we demand it!

Live the Life
Le Marquis des Excellences


One thought on “Hugo Boss Menswear Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012

  1. Hugo Boss is dying of boredom thanks to Ayen Allen and his poor tailoring, wannabe cool but tedious style. They managed to fire Bruno Pieters, the only talented designer they had in years.
    Conformist fashion. RIP Hugo Boss.

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