Antonio Berardi Autumn/Winter Collection 2011-2012

Antonio Berardi Autumn/Winter Collection 2011-2012

Antonio Berardi Autumn/Winter Collection 2011-2012

“Pretty Woman” meets “Lollita” in Antonio Berardi’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2011-2012, and what a marvelous combination it is!

In this collection Berardi has steered clear of ‘autumn/winter colors’ and opted for a more cheerful colour pallet from clean white, lime and olive green, rusty peach, a raging copper red to tones of grey, and black. And as expansive as the colour range is, Berardi brings it together in perfect unity.

Women can expect to feel at once sensual and elegant in his garments, as the woolen pieces are cut to accentuate the female form – less heavy than traditional winter woolen wear, and something of Lollita’s whimsy about them.

The show stopper for us was the oh so sexy copper rouge form fitting evening dress that we are convinced Julia Roberts’ character would have worn well in “Pretty Women”.

Antonio Berardi will be hard pressed to find a woman in the whole world who does not lust for at least one outfit from his Autumn/Winter Collection 2011-2012 as showcased at the London Fashion Week. For the simple reason that Berardi creates something beautiful where art marries function flawlessly.

Live the Life
Le Marquis des Excellences


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