Oliver Peoples 01

Sexy! Cool! Bochic! These are just some of the words that can describe Oliver Peoples’ latest collection. And the best thing about it is that it has a pair of for every outfit, every occassion – indeed everyone.

The strength of Oliver Peoples is that it has been careful to develop the eyewear label around its core brand values. The 2011 campaign balances an offbeat air of intellectual elitism with modestly suggestive sensuality.

Oliver Peoples 02

The campaign commends itself as a visual journal chronicling the intimacy between singer-songwriter Davendra Banhart and his girlfriend Rebecca Schwartz.

Oliver Peoples 03

Oliver Peoples 04

Shot by photographer Lisa Eisner (former fashion editor at Mademoiselle and Vogue USA), in keeping with modern human interactions, the campaign is underpinned by an exploration of voyeurism. We pause in our stride to glance at the lovers’ bodies and shared moments through a series of close-ups. All of this, of course, is very appropriate for an eyewear label, especially of the kind of Oliver Peoples.

Oliver Peoples 05

Oliver Peoples 06

The keyword being intimacy, this campaign pays homage to notable French lovers of the Nouvelle Vague era. A delicate throwback to 1950’s retro geek chic, Eisner has steered clear of the brazenness of porno chic a la Tom Ford.

Do yourselves a favour, dandies and dandizettes, and get your hands on at least one pair.

Oliver Peoples 07

Oliver Peoples 08

Oliver Peoples 09

Oliver Peoples 10

For the complete 2011 Oliver Peoples collection, visit www.oliverpeoples.com.

Live the life!

Les Marquis des Excellence

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