Martyn Bal T-shirts SS 2011 01

Martyn Bal might be little known to some and totaly obscure for others but let me tell you that he is amongst the most promising young designers of our generation. Of course, he is better known for his work as designer for the Versace menswear collections since 2010. And a wise selection that has been for the label. He has truly brought a new perspective to the brand aesthetic, and invigorated it.

But, more important, we should all keep an eye on MARTYN BAL, his men very own menswear project.

Martyn Bal T-shirts SS 2011 02

Mr. Bal has said of his “Burning Bright” t-shirt collection that it an optimistic and uplifting nod to life after the recent economic recession. By this I think he means that fashion, too, can be a social tool to address the human condition. The focus is positive energy: hope…passion…dreams. I suppose the adage “Hope springs eternal” is also a suitable title for the collection.

Martyn Bal T-shirts SS 2011 03

But if Martyn Bal’s purpose for the collections sounds a bit castles-in-the-sky, don’t worry. Just liking the t-shirts will be enough.

Martyn Bal T-shirts SS 2011 04

To purchase t-shirt, you can visit MARTYN BAL ( or

Live the life!

Le Marquis des Excellences


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