Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci (top left)

Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci (top left)

Givenchy Creative Director, the Italian Riccardo Tisci, has created something fresh and very invigorating for the gents in his Menswear S/S Collection 2012. I believe that the appointment of Riccardo Tisci as the Creative Director of the notable Givenchy marks the beginning of a new era for the fashion house, one that will revive excitement for the label.

One of the features of the Givenchy catwalk presentation that was both unusual and wonderful was the number of Black models selected for the show. I think we can all admit that we need to see more Black and Asian models on the runways and in campaigns, especially with the rise in prominence of developing nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

Tisci has chosen to work with a canvas of white and greens splattered with floral bursts of birds of paradise that give what could have easily been an uninteresting collection of looks an air of whimsy and suave sophistication.

Not merely inspite of but because of the colour palette Tisci has selected and the utopian prints, gents will be particularly inspired by the suits they can now wear to the office, on a dinner date or that gala event. This is the future of modern dandy chic!

Even with the man-skirts, Tisci has somehow found a way to make a (exploratory and brave) man in a skirt equally manly and sexy. Could the man-skirt be one of new developing trends on menswear? After all, several designers have featured it in multifarious forms!

So, gentlemen, make ready your wallets because Ricardo Tisci will have you craving to paint the town green in Givenchy, and look both fresh and chic doing it.

Live the life!

Le Marquis des Excellence

Live the life.
Le Marquis des Excellences

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