Talebthouse is all about creativity. In fact, Talenthouse is so much about creativity that it is very possibly the premier online-offline portal actively supporting creatives. The portal’s support comes in the form of offering once-in-a-lifetime, career-making opportunities for upcoming creatives to work with seasoned greats of no inconsiderable achievements in their respective professions.

This time round, Talenthouse is partnering one fortunate aspiring actor with Hollywood blockbuster maker, Brett Ratner. The opportunity will see the winner work as an acting extra on a forthcoming Ratner production – (who knows what doors this will open!)

Of Brett Ratner, Talenthouse writes:

“…one of Hollywood’s most successful directors, producers and photographers is inviting aspiring actors to join him on set and get in the front of the camera on an upcoming Rat Entertainment production. Ratner’s films include Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand, Red Dragon, along with music videos for Madonna, P. Diddy and Mariah Carey.”

The Luxury Lifestyle Guide is putting its influence were its mouth is by encouraging you to support one of our own, acting model-photographer, Michael McCloud. Michael’s work speaks for itself, and what makes is consider him perfect for this opportunity is that he’s as comedic as he is talented. If you have seen any of his Michael’s videos, you will know that the young man can serenade you with a song, have you in stitches and escape reality, all in a minute’s act. And did we mention that Michael recently featured in a TV advertising campaign for Truworths in South Africa.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get our mice clicking and vote as MICHAEL MCCLOUD TAKES A SHOT AT BRETT RATNER.

Michael features in Truworths' (South Africa) latest A/W TV advertising campaign.

Michael features in Truworths’ (South Africa) latest A/W TV advertising campaign.

Live the life.
Le Marquis des Excellences

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  1. is he a real model? he don’t even have am agency in nyc! his photography is just ok. too gay… asking model wannabe to pose in underwear… thats not original!

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