First there was Vogue’s “September Issue”. Now behold the “Black Issue” by the creators of Portugal’s only men’s culture and lifestyle compendium, Dsection Magazine. This is a return to dandyism and we love it!


This is the very Dsection Magazine that featured one of Siphe Mini’s favoured male model, Matthew Joseph Medeiros (above), recently. And if they previous work is anything to judge by, gents, we can only expect a well-put-together lifestyle reference catering for your styling, grooming, entertainment and culture needs.


Now the team at Dsection have been teasing us with sneak peaks into the behind-the-scenes of the production of their debut issue. We know from the teaser above that Stephan Schramm’s The Black Book project will be featured.


And we make not mention of the oh-so-frustratingly elusive cover page teaser!


At the head of Dsection is Paulo De Amorim Meixedo and ex-news anchor, Filip Fangueiro, who have said of modern men and the lifestyle magazine:

“The masculine public is more demanding, so we dedicate our days in search of the best.”

As we enter the last stretch of days before the launch of Dsection Magazine’s debut issue we encourage you to keep an eye on further developments by way of sneak peaks via their Facebook page, Dsection Mag.


Until the official launch of the “Black Issue”


Live the life!

Le Marquis des Excellence

Photography Credits © Dsection Magazine, Paulo De Amorim Meixedo, Filip Fangueiro

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