It’s no inconsiderable feat for men’s swimwear to look and feel sensual, comfortable and masculine but New York-based designer, Edixon Valdez, achieves just that with his Men’s S/S 2012 Swim Collection launching on Thursday, 08 September 2011.


As a man and a somewhat modest one at that, I am always hard-pressed when shopping for men’s swimwear: too often our choice is between two extremes: baggy and boring or constricting and conspicuous. But – hallelujah! – my fashion prayers have been answered by Mr. Valdez.

As far as I am concerned, he has negotiated a marvellous compromise between the two extremes in men’s swimwear. The exhibitionist will be well pleased by the island-esque colour palette and cheeky prints he has chosen, and the brand name emblazoned on some of the pieces. And the modest in me will be satisfied that he can enjoy the sun, sea and surf without feeling self-conscious. Simply put, this is 21st Century fashion engineering at its best and you won’t be complaining, no matter what category of men’s swimwear you prescribe to!


But his men’s swimwear won’t be the only collection Edixon Valdez will be launching come September 8th. So too his Men’s and Women’s S/S 2012 Collections, and so ambitious are the designer’s plans for this season that he enlisted the creative genius of one of my preferred photographers, James Meade, for a campaign suitably titled Endless Summer.


The campaign features models Judah Josiah Guilford, Kayla Graninger and Henry Diaz.




If the preview of Edixon Valdez’s S/S collections is anything to judge by, then we shall surely be wishing our summer is truly endless fashion bliss.

*Photography © James Meade Photography and Edixon Valdez.

Live the life!

Le Marquis des Excellences

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