South African fashion would be quite different without the Cape Town-based designer Craig Port, for the simple reason that Mr. Port has been the guiding hand behind over 20 years of South African fashion trends. Having reached a milestone as designer of labels Kangol and X&O, he then took his greatest fashion leap by starting his very own label under his own name. I still recall the early years of his collections, having being introduced to them by one of my sisters who at the time was a customer assistant at Young Designers Emporium (YDE). Since then, Mr. Port has been dressing a new generation of young men, and not without notice.


Not many weeks have passed since Cape town Fashion Week 2011, where the Craig Port Spring/Summer 2012 Collection was presented, and today we call you to port – (surely we couldn’t miss the opportunity to make most of this pun):


The tagline of the collection  was the j’ne se qua and something of the Parisian vibrancy, crispness and fashion sensibility was evident in each look, an air that is not uncommon in the Mother City.


Virgin white and subdued silver-grey was Craig Port’s palette of choice, with simple cuts that enhance the beauty of the male form. This is a look for the young (or young at heart) cosmopolitan who delights to give full vent to his sex appeal.


Though not as expansive a collection as we would have wished for, one of its particularly commendable features is that Craig has given thought to the fashion requirements of a man’s whole day. By this I mean you have the not-too-casual-not-too-formal day suits for your hours in the office, that also double as cocktail-lounge-come-dinner-date attire.


And then, of course, the mandatory weekend gear including featherweight tops, mini beach bum shorts and tailored trousers and jackets.


All in all, the Craig Port Spring/Summer 2012 Collection should make you feel uplifted, young and desirable – and every man needs a measure of these this summer.

The collection is available at YDE stores in South Africa or you can visit Craig Port for direct purchases. Tomorrow we review Miss Port, the women’s line.

Live the life!

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