Dress it up, dress it down, one thing is certain about the Ephymol Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, this is superior men’s tailoring unlike any other in the South African fashion landscape.

Now while it is no secret that I consider Ephymol God’s answer of South African menswear, I lament that not nearly enough men, young and old, have been privy to this label.

Ephymol is distinguished from other menswear by these features: distinctly masculine, mastery of tailoring, draws from both antiquarian and contemporary notions of male elegance to form its own unique ‘Ephymol’ identity, and possesses an acute understanding of masculine proportions.


Menswear maestro, Ephraim Molingoana, took inspiration from the boys in navy and a love of things nautical for the Ephymol Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, and I’m definitely not complaining.


One of the first thing that should strike you about this particular collection is that the theme or source of inspiration is not, at first glance, obvious – which is just marvellous! The homage to sailors and the navy is subtle… it takes one a second, maybe a third glance of scrutiny to arrive at this conclusion. A more direct reference to men of the sea would have undoubtedly resulted in a tacky and regrettably conspicuous collection. Instead, Ephraim says I’ll take the gentlemanly refinement synonymous with boys in navy, I can make use of your colours, but I’ll leave the uniformity of dress to you.


Another remarkable feature is that Ephraim has woven together what is very possibly his best collection yet by employing but a four-colour palette of navy, red, black and white, to grand effect.


In keeping with Ephymol’s unofficial slogan wear your luxury, the Ephymol Spring/Summer 2011 collection is luxurious and refined without being ostentatious. It’s elegant and gentlemanly but does not suffer from being ‘stiff’ and uninspired. And each look gives men the choice to dress it up or down but still enjoying the same effect: feel-good, timeless air of being debonair.


All I can say is that I look forward to Ephymol’s 10th anniversary collection in 2012: I hope he celebrates by giving full vent to finest men’s fashion.








For further enquiries on how you can order your very own Ephymol piece, contact the Ephymol Studio at ephraim@ephymol.com. The collection will also be available in Edgars stores in South Africa.

Live the life!


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