Back from the excitement of SA Fashion Week, this Weekend Look takes its cue from two designers who continue to bring a new perspective to menswear, namely Grecian Dimitris Petrou and Cape Townian Stiaan Louw.


Pastoral luxe is a suitable term to describe the Dimitris Petrou collection, but it steers clear of ostentatious luxury with earthy wheat hues and navy juxtapositioned with delicate silks, linens and fine fabrics.

If you are a man of the world, if travel and exploration appeal to you, then any Petrou look from his spring-summer 2011 collection is perfect for the weekend.


A man will never feel as comfortable in clothes as Stiaan Louw. Let’s make it official: the Cape Town-based designer is the king of nomadic chic. Just this past weekend, during SA Fashion Week, I enjoyed lunch with friends and a meeting with a client in one of his looks from his spring-summer 2011 collection.


The collection speaks for itself, but I will add that the response from people whenever I’ve been in my Stiaan Louw has been all compliments. Such has been the response that even young up-and-coming entertainer, Raphael Griffiths (a.k.a. El Raffael), expressed desire for one.

Contact Stiaan Louw at stiaanlouw@yahoo.com for further information and how you can place an order.

Photography © Simon Deiner, SDR Photo, and Dimitris Petrou.

Live the life!


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