By principle, I don’t often permit The Luxury Lifestyle Guide or any of our other publications to endorse or in any other manner promote a brand, company or public figure but, sometimes, when one comes upon something – or, as in my example, someone – extraordinary, one cannot help but suspend the rules for a moment. El Raffael, commonly known as Raphael Griffiths, is cause for such law-breaking.


Raphael Griffiths came to the public and media’s attention with his first presenting job on the teen show, Q-base 28 on SABC2. That was in 2009.

Since then he has become the face and host of SABC2’s teen music show, Music Moves Me (M3). Recently, he’s begun hosting The Playground radio show on DSTV audio bouquet channel 172. All in all 2010 was a successful year for Raphael.

There is no doubt in my mind that Raphael Griffiths possesses great creative potential. That much has been clear for me since I first saw him on Q-base 28. At that instance, intuitively, I guessed that this distinctive young man must also have musical aspirations. From there on I made every effort to secure the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss what he wanted to achieve with his talent and how I could collaborate with him to make that possible.

Ergo, today I’m decidedly pleased to introduce you to this young, talented entertainer who infuses hip-hop, tribal electro, grime, reggae, dubstep, neo psychedelia and RnB to create his own unique sound of alternative hip-hop.

Raphael – or rather El Raffael as he would have us call him from now on – has co-written, -produced and recorded over 18 tracks for his music catalogue, 9 of which have been shortlisted for his forthcoming EP, Couture Dreaming: The El Raffael Hustle.

A fortnight ago he released the first teaser single, Goggles, and this week, Michelangelo in anticipation of unveiling Couture Dreaming.

My talent management team and I have some exciting developments in the coming months for El Raffael, many of which The Luxury Lifestyle Guide will be privy to the exclusive.

For press, bookings and further information in regards to El Raffael, contact Siphe Mini via

Live the life!



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