In the modelling business, as in other industries such as entertainment and art, it’s more times than not a matter of there can only be one winner and that winner takes all. However, this truth is hardly ever, at first, apparent to multitudes of young aspirants who pursue renown and fortunes in these such industries. The determination of the value and going price of beauty, talent and artistry is erratic and alarmingly inequitable: what might be the flavour of the month today, might be out of mode tomorrow. So, with this in mind, if you want to bolster your chances of success, you have to have a plan and a good one at that! Michael McCloud and Cavier Coleman have one and this it their journey.


It was Michael Jackson who sang of New York City, “If this city is an apple, then let me take a bit!” and these two young men have done just that!

Both artists, whose scope of creativity encompasses acting, modelling, creating music and photography, have decided to take greater control of their careers by developing a short documentary-styled teaser film chronicling the realities of working to make their mark in  the fashion and entertainment industries. These boys are in it for the long run and could not have given their reality film a better title than The Journey.


Of course, we all know Michael, as he is a friend and regular of The Luxury Lifestyle Guide, but what of his brother-in-arms?


A Detroit native, Cavier is represented by Perspective Artist Management and has featured on the cover of publications such as OBVIOUS. And in the manner of his friend, Michael, he is as equally capable behind the lens as in front of it.



Cavier recently shot Welcome to America with model Aibek Rasulov (Agency: Adam NYC) which was published on Ohlala Mag, and has photographed for agencies the likes of Red Model Management, New York City.



In South Africa Cavier is signed with Cape Town agency 1085 Artist Management. We don’t know about you but we sense that South Africa will take a liking to Cavier’s look; it has a certain South Africa-ness to it, something of Africa. We wager a bet that he’ll be walking the runways of some of South Africa’s fashion weeks in 2012. What do you think?


All0-in-all, this is merely the beginning for Michael and Cavier. For them, this is not just a matter of living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous – it’s about being significant, about creating a legacy and living a dynamic life. This is their journey. This is their life. This is their passion. And they are taking us with them, one episode of The Journey at time. Let’s see what their journey will have in store for them when their visit South Africa in November.

Follow Michael and Cavier on YouTube here and on their Facebook fan page.

Photography © Michael McCloud, Cavier Coleman, Matthew Pandolfe, Travis Levius, Raphael Baker, OBVIOUS.

Live the life!


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