In this digital age it’s imperative as an artist, maybe even moreover as a photographer, to have an online presence. On the part of New York-based photographer Jeffery André it’s been long in the coming that he present a suitable visual web presentation for Jeffery André Photography. Today is that day and I would like to think that somewhere fellow photographer Sean P. Watters is having a happy Monday: Hallelujah!


A self-confessed minimalist, Jeffery says of his approach to his craft:

“[I aim to challenge myself] to remain simple, clean, and classic in a technology driven world. Portraiture is my focus. Anything beyond that is simply on a whim. I know nothing about ‘fashion’ and prefer a simple nude over the latest trends in clothing. I want my work to be timeless…simple yet strong!.”


The young photographer has more to say on his career on his website but one thing that is evident is that he has stayed true to his creative vision. So if there’s anything you need to do this week, that is to visit Jeffery André Photography for a visual feast worthy of every second of your time.


Photography © Jeffery André Photography.

Live the life!


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