We have young UK-based photographer Rowan Papier to thank for this photograph which has become inspiration for one of the two feature editorials for the Lifestyle Issue. The gloves are off as we explore the overindulgence and rampant consumption synonymous with the lifestyles of the West and Westernised nations.

It’s 2012, a brand spanking new year and almost a year since we began The Luxury Lifestyle Guide blog. We reviewed collections from fashion weeks the world over, brought you exclusive interviews with young professionals from photographers to stylist. We brought you our weekly feature the Weekend Look, making sure you looked your best throughout your weekend. This and much more have been some of the relevant content The Luxury Lifestyle Guide has shared with you since February of 2011. Think of the past year as our beta phase, our trail stage for something greater. Now we invite you to journey with us as we enter into the phase where The Luxury Lifestyle Guide transforms from being merely a blog to being a fully-fledged digital and print publication exploring Lifestyle, Luxury, Fashion, Design and Leisure.


“Desire is the drug of the bourgeoisie”, or so Darren Hayes declares. A photograph from an editorial by Steven Klein featured in W magazine in 2011, and inspiration for one of our two feature editorials for the Lifestyle Issue.

When we first conceived the concept of The Luxury Lifestyle Guide, we envisioned a reference book of sorts, an eat as much as you can compendium of all things Lifestyle, Luxury, Fashion, Design and Leisure. But where conventional glossy magazines end, we begin. We don’t want to sell you another ‘must-have’ lifestyle, we want to sell you neither a Prada nor an Ephymol, but we want to engage with you in lively dialogue on what it means for you and us all to live in the 21st Century, and it just so happens that we love to make this dialogue look particularly good.


So, Adam and Eve lost Paradise because they demanded another lifestyle? And what did Management have to say? “Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered has been discontinued.” For this editorial, the Lifestyle Issue returns to the cradle of human appetite.


Lady Liberty misleading the People? What were the driving forces behind the recent global economic slump?. Well, for our Lifestyle Issue, we ask a political analyst and an economist to tell us the truth – simple, frank and clear – with a raucous series of photography to match. Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People is inspiration for this feature.

Visually-driven, international in scope and collaborative in spirit, come July 2012, The Luxury Lifestyle Guide will be officially launched as a multiplatform Lifestyle, Luxury, Fashion, Design and Leisure magazine in online, iPad/iPhone and Android formats. Readers can expect six distinct interactive issues per publishing cycle, featuring enriched content such as animation, video, audio, image files (incl. streaming YouTube videos) and social interaction. It will also be supported by limited print that will be selectively distributed to industry peers in South Africa and abroad.


We found inspiration for an editorial in development by New York-based photographer James Meade for our debut issue. The editorial will explore body dimorphic disorder from the perspective of a male ballet dancer. We have John Galliano to thank from the inspiration.

In keeping with the spirit of collaboration, each issue will be created in partnership with a special guest editor and professionals from photographers to designers are encouraged to submit content proposals for consideration to be published via


A favourite of our Founder and inspiration for a particularly exotic and sexy editorial and fashion film on the luxury spas of Cape Town and Western Cape in development for the Lifestyle Issue.

Publishing cycle July 2012 to May 2013 will bring you six distinct issues, each exploring one of the content focuses of The Luxury Lifestyle Guide, namely:

  • July 2012 – The Lifestyle Issue
  • September 2012 – The Luxury Issue
  • November 2012 – The Fashion Issue
  • January 2013 – The Design Issue
  • March 2013 – The Leisure Issue
  • May 2013 – The Founder’s Issue

So, as the weeks draw close to the launch of our debut issue, the Lifestyle Issue, you can look forward to a redesigned website in April, revelation of the two models chosen to feature on the covers of all the six issues, the special guest editor and how you can be selected to join us as a VIP guest at one of our launch parties. Until then…

Live the life!

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