Who hasn’t been swept up by Hurricane Del Rey? And we, too, have been caught up in the minx’s allure. However, it comes as somewhat of a pronounced alarm that she should already be featured on Vogue UK’s cover for March 2012. After considerable debate amongst us here at The Guide we came to the conclusion that not only is Vogue UK overstretching but, moreover, are being remarkably opportunistic. The virtues of Lana Del Rey’s talent notwithstanding, we cannot help but feel that choosing to feature her so soon at the dawn of her career is a cheap ploy to sharply boost sales and gain extensive PR coverage.


This being so, however, fans and Vogue UK readers alike will still go out and purchase themselves a copy of the March issue and the publication will achieve it’s desired objective.


Our criticism of Vogue UK being thus, we do, however, have something good to say about the shoot with Del Rey, which is almost wholly perfect. Photographer Mario Testino and his collaborators have managed to capture the air of a whimsical, Lolita-like mob wife which Miss Del Rey embodies so tangibly. Enjoy the visual feast!




Photography © Vogue UK.

Live the life!


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