stiaan louw - atletiek HR

Cape Town-based designer Stiaan Louw’s latest campaign is just what we’ve all being waiting for in the South African fashion landscape. Altetiek is a truly well-conceived and executed work of art and it’s all thanks to photographer Neil Roberts.

The campaign and it’s accompanying petit film gives us a good sneak peak into the new artistic direction that the designer is taking for his forthcoming collection. Featuring Leather footballs, boxing robes, rather avant-garde lapelled jackets, geisha platforms and leather jockstrap to boot, the film possesses all the trademark aesthetic synonymous with Steven Klein and Louis Daniel Botha.


Model: Thane Williams, Men Division

And Thane Williams is a welcome breath of fresh talent as Louw’s new muse, a departure from his more lithe male models of previous collaborations. We believe it’s fair to say that Atletiek makes for a particularly interesting collection from Stiaan Louw and we simply can’t wait to have our fill.

View the fashion film at Atletiek by Stiaan Louw.

Photography © Stiaan Louw and Neil Roberts.

Editor: Justin Dingle

Hair and Makeup: Henry Maritz @ One League

Model: Thane Williams @ Men’s Division

Music: Synth by Brandon Morningstar

Live the life!

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