I declared 2012 the year of adventure, misadventure, breaking out of comfort zones and just plain going gung-ho on life at large. With this mind, surfing was one of the goals I had set for myself. (Yes! I’m a Black boy with White boy dreams, and not without effect.) So I when I recently befriended a semi-pro surfer, I knew that our meeting wasn’t mere chance but the providence of God.


Now, that one of our preferred bloggers should take a brief surfing trip and titillate us with the sun, sea and beach bodies, has given me that additional impetus to tick surfing off my 2012 bucket list. Here I am speaking of the Italian of Italians, Mariano di Vaio.


So, ladies and gentlemen, with my surfing lessons set to begin in a weeks time, whether you take it from Mariano or me, do yourself a favour and pick up a board this Spring.

(See more of Mariano’s surfing adventure via the link below.)

Surfs up!

  © Mariano Di Vaio, Surf it Boy!, 09 September 2012, by Mariano di Vaio.

Live the life!

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