As far as men’s fashion goes, rarely are the more sentimental and delicate sensual expressions of men explored and interpreted meaningfully.


There is an informal conspiracy among designers and fashion houses to adopt a rather crude approach to interpreting the many varied expressions of maleness, manhood and masculinity in menswear. Designers are want to commit either or both of two errors: using the butchers cleaver, to either 1) carve a brute of a man or 2) to mold a man who possesses the sort of caricature of effeminacy synonymous with Jack 2000 from Will & Grace – both of which men and the public at large find – at the very least – inaccurate and – at the very worst – repulsive. It is about time we rid ourselves of the historical inaccuracy of the so-called caveman and the modern preoccupation with the elusive domesticated, sentimental man. Rather, let men be men in the multifarious unfoldings, expressions and demonstrations of all their manhood. And, maybe, the first step in the right direction – in so far as men’s fashion is concerned – is Stiaan Louw’s latest couture collection aptly christened Lace & Leather.


Whilst I have much to say in the way of how and why a menswear collection of such a nature is a positive and significant development in South African’s men’s fashion and the perceptions of it thereof, I will refrain and simply allow the editorial to play Mercury on its behalf.


IMG_0084The editorial was photographed by Alex Alfaro in Cape Town, South Africa, and features Texan Jeffery Thomas.





Photography © Alex Alfaro and Stiaan Louw.

Model: Jeffery Thomas.

Live the life!


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